A notes app to help you learn effectively
We help people to become more effective learners.
Take notes each day to build a daily learning habit.
Review your notes at set intervals to increase retention.
Track and grow your knowledge visually.
Inculcate a daily learning and a note-taking habit. Increase your retention of valuable information.

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What's the problem?
We’re consuming more information today than ever before. Are we absorbing any of it though? Not really.
We forget more than 90% of the information we consume in just a month. Over time, we lose almost all of it.
Think about all the time and effort we waste in our life to this mental drainage. Tragic, isn’t it? It’s time we change that.
How it works?
We leverage the principles of Spaced Repetition to help you review your notes at set intervals. This greatly improves your ability to retain information for more time.
Take a Note
plant a seed
Review the note
Grow it to the next stage
More Notes, timely reviews
a lush knowledge garden
How it helps you?
These are the reasons why we don’t have a clear grasp over our learning.
Build a Daily Learning Habit
The best way to get better at something is to turn it into a habit. With that thought, we will remind you to capture the valuable information you consume each day in your notes.
Increase Retention Of Valuable Information
Most of the information we consumed gets flushed out of our memory. We enable you to combat the forgetting curve and retain all the valuable information in your long-term memory.
Grow your knowledge visually
With the knowledge garden, we allow you to track and manage your knowledge visibly, so you can see it growing yourself.
A Bigger Purpose
While we help you retain more information and cultivate your knowledge, we know that there are people in this world who don’t have the same access to information and knowledge as us privileged souls. We want to change that. We believe knowledge should be equally accessible to everyone in the world and you have a big role to play in helping us achieve that dream.

We’ve created a framework that’s based on a simple assumption – people do astonishing deeds if they have something meaningful to work towards. We hope we can add that meaning and purpose to your learning journey.

You earn rewards for your actions on the app, and you get to use those rewards to help the less privileged learn.

“The more you learn, the more you help others learn.”
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We help people to become more effective learners.

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