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We’ve all been baffled with the same question countless times in our lives.

What’s surprising is that the answer to this question has been around for a while now - almost a century and a half. In 1885, a German Psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus, conducted an experiment on himself and plotted the results of this experiment on a graph to describe how our memory decays over time - this is what is now referred to as the forgetting curve.

He discovered that human memory naturally decays exponentially with time. The experiment also made it apparent that we tend to forget more than 90% of the information after the first four weeks.

So, it’s not really our fault that we fail to absorb all that valuable information we consume daily. In a sense, we’re designed to work that way.

We seem to have taken this colossal inefficiency for granted, but should it be like that? Do we consume information only to flush it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ebbinghaus didn’t just describe the problem, he also provided a solution to counter the forgetting curve - Spaced Repetition.
He discovered that we can drastically improve our retention of any information by repeatedly reviewing and recalling it at increasing intervals.

Think about it like this - if we hope to grow a tree, we can’t just plant a seed and water it once. We have to water it regularly so that it becomes a sprout, a sapling, a plant, and eventually, grows into a tree.

That’s exactly how we can create stronger memories in our brain. However, if we don’t tend to the planted seed regularly, it withers and dies. That’s the fate of most information we consume - it gets lost. We’re giving you a tool to change that.

We’ve leveraged the principles of Spaced Repetition and have made it incredibly easy (and fun) for you to remember everything.
We start with helping you build a learning and a note-taking habit by reminding you daily to capture the valuable information in your notes. We then remind you at the right time to review your notes. Each time you review it, you increase your retention. It’s that simple.

So, we enable you to store more information in your long-term memory, become an efficient learner, and cultivate your knowledge right in front of your eyes. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

We want to help people learn better and we hope you give us a chance to become your learning companion.
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